Welcome To Corona Custom Golf

Corona Custom Golf is a professional golf clubfitting and clubmaking shop located in Corona California, owned and operated by Ron Burleson. Ron is a certified professional Clubfitter and Clubmaker who has been improving golf games since 2002. Ron believes that every golfer will benefit from professional clubfitting and is prepared to show how professionally fit equipment will take your game to the next level. 

He is committed to providing you with high quality, professionally fit golf equipment built to fit your swing. Just as a qualified golf instructor is the swing technique professional, Ron is your equipment professional. He truly cares about your game and is dedicated to building properly fit clubs that will work with your unique swing, leaving you to concentrate on perfecting your game. His proven methods will have you hitting the ball farther, improve your accuracy and distance control, and help you enjoy the game more.

The days of settling for ill fitting "off the rack" equipment are gone. You can now benefit from the same professionally fit performance options available to Tour players. Call today to schedule an appointment.